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Shrouded Mines

Shrouded mines is an epic text based adventure game where you can slay monsters, gain levels, skills and awesome armour!

Download it below if you are interested and let me know if you find any errors or what you think in general of the game.


Fluidic Ice - Shrouded Mines Game

Fig.1 - Playing Shrouded Mines.


Fluidic Ice - Shrouded Mines Game

Fig.2 - Some of the games code.


Download Here


Run the "Play" file as Administrator or it'll just flash up and close


Note: Your browser may warn you about the file but it's 100% clean. It's picking up on the bat file which is only included to save you a lot of work loading it, if you want proof, drag the .bat into notepad to see the launcher code for yourself.

Don't discard it if it does!